The juniors headed for the forest dressed as Vikings, complete with helmets, shields and swords. We took on Viking names (such as Felix the Vigorous and Paige the Ginger) and choreographed a full Viking Battle, stopping only when one of each pair of opponenets was ‘dead’, in true Viking style.

After refreshing ourselves with Viking bread made by Year 6, we chose individual spots in which to enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest and write poetry inspired by the nature around us. The trip made a fitting culmination to both the topic and the English we have been studying this term.

Ellie’s poem:
The Forest
The blossom breeze gently blowing against my skin
As the golden buttercups lay on the grass like a bright yellow blanket.
Grass hoppers jump up and down while the birds look for their prey.
Colourful buterflies fly over me like tiny helicopters.
The wind blowing the soft dandelion clocks.
The sky stretching out above me while the old oak chases him up.
The pond glittering while the sun gently tiptoes on top.
And us sitting on the spikey grass
But we never thought what it would be like if this was all gone.