Welcome to The Christian School, Takeley

A Community of Love, Hope and Faith in Action

Takeley Junior school

Junior School

​In the Junior school, the pupils are divided into two classes – Lower Juniors (Years 3 and 4) and Upper Juniors (years 5 and 6) – each with their own class teacher. There is some mixing of the two groups for certain subjects and both groups benefit from subject specialist teachers for some of their lessons. The Junior School is contained within its own building which is a bright and airy space consisting of a large open classroom and a mezzanine level.

Senior School

Y7 to Y11 are taught by specialist teachers in classes with a maximum size of 12 pupils, except for PE where larger groups are an advantage.

Y7 to Y9 are the Lower Seniors. Y10 and Y11 are the Upper Seniors.

Pupils are taught for the most part in their separate year groups with some lessons mixing two year groups.​

The  Christian School (Takeley) offers an education where everyone is valued and able to learn and grow in the love of Christ, becoming confident, creative, caring and responsible members of their communities.

We are a small independent school in Essex founded by a group of parents and friends in 1989 to provide a Christian education, fostering Christian faith and values. Today the school includes families from a wide geographical area, who belong to a number of different churches or none.

Small numbers in classes mean that every child receives a high level of attention and individual encouragement to do their best.

Our ethos encourages a real sense of community and the family nature of the school means that children can be themselves in a safe and accepting environment where pupils and staff work together.


Formed from a community, our school was started by a group of parents and some of their friends who wanted to take responsibility for educating their children. Even the fabric of the buildings bears witness to the commitment of this initial group of people who renovated the buildings on the site.

A sense of community is still a key feature of the school. Parents are encouraged to be involved and opportunities for staff, pupils and parents to work together and to pray together help underpin our family ethos.

Our aims can be summarised as, to have at the heart of the school, the love of God and His grace; and to let this inform all that we do.


Testimonials from parents and former students

  • Lower Seniors

    T.S.C.T is a very welcoming nurturing school, that encourages each pupil to grow and be grow in confidence in their studies. The school is a small school, that has small class numbers. One which teachers can help each child more with their education. For example if they struggling with a certain topic. The teachers can adapt each pupils ability’s on that subject to encourage the pupil to grow to process growth in their learning.

  • Upper Seniors

    My child enjoys coming to school daily and says it’s like everyone is family to her. Best school ever. Everyone around you is just so nice parents , teachers and headteacher. Thank you to all the staff members for all your hard work and commitment.

  • Upper Seniors

    Our son joined in year 10 and thrived in the nurturing environment. Encouragement ,great support and personal development has brought out the best in him. He has benefited from
    excellent preparation for moving on from year 11.The school is a very unique and special place.

  • Upper Seniors

    The school has a environment that is conducive to education, building relationships and giving children a sound base in the Christian ethos.

  • Upper Seniors

    My child is flourishing at the Christian school. He is being rigorously supported with his dyslexia - no other school he has attended has cared about him like Tcst does. After struggling at previous schools to fit in, my child has made friends for life here. The students and teachers alike are overwhelmingly lovely people, our family couldn’t be happier

  • Senior

    We are grateful to all staff at the school for the attention that they give to our children’s academic and pastoral experience. We value that fact that our children have been able to grow up at a pace that is right for them, without peer pressure.

  • Seniors

    My children are free to grow in an environment free from the pressure to conform that exists in most mainstream settings. They are able to grow in their own character and be themselves in this caring and nurturing school.

  • Preparation for the future

    "I would like to start by saying a massive thank you to all the staff, teachers, parents and students, current and former, who have impacted N.s last few years of education.

    N, came to the school a very different pupil that he is now and I feel that every one of you have helped him improve on his school work, social skills and confidence since he started and you will be a huge part of the support he needs for the future.

    The help and support from parents and family members serves a huge part of the school’s uniqueness. And this reflects on how wonderful all the children are as whole. We will be forever grateful for everything and we hope to still be part of the school in the future."

  • Senior school

    Both our children have gained confidence and are flourishing at our wonderful school. As parents we feel lucky to be a part of the TCST community. The overall kindness and nurturing of the school is quite unique and sets it apart from any other school.

  • Upper seniors

    We have been made to feel so welcome by staff and parents and cannot express our relief that our children are pupils. At the Christian school everyone is kind and supportive and our girls are finally enjoying school life. Thank you.

  • Lower seniors

    The school has been a wonderful nurturing environment for my son.

  • Parent

    My child has been part of this school for over 4 years now. He is happy and has flourished in this community. I am grateful to the teachers and staff who nurture the ethos of hope, faith and love in action with emphasis on the individual pupils’ needs.

  • Parent

    TCST school has surpassed our expectations of education, happiness and general well-being of our children. They are thriving in this wonderful, nurturing environment.