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Music teacher across KS2 and KS3 to include GCSE teaching.

On our envisioning day I reported:

Vision for the curriculum

I believe that we need to develop a cutting edge small school model for the teaching of children throughout the school. I believe that we should communicate this to be the case in such a way as to make it a school pupils come to because it is good not because they have problems. I believe that the social and emotional needs we are able to meet in the school are a significant part of what we offer our locality but we should not be known and sought out only for this.

I feel we need to continue with the family focus of the school so that the curriculum and co-curriculum emphasise the all-age character of the school. I think the fact that all-ages are represented in the school and mix is a strength that should be emphasised and we should not be defensive about the mixing of age groups in our teaching. This is especially the case where we can offer an individual focus in our teaching and group by ability across age ranges.

I think we need to develop our curriculum around what we already offer.

I think that a strength of the threshold and lower primary should be that it educates through play; social interaction and cooperation, and individual attention to what makes a good learner, at a pace which suits the individual.

I think the upper primary group should be receiving teaching that meets each of their individual needs and the Year 6 group should be exploiting the natural creativity of this group to capitalise on the individual attention they have been receiving. I think having the year six as a transition group enables focused attention to preparation for the next stage of their education. It also allows for thorough assessment of each child’s needs.

The lower seniors should be characterised by an increasing independence and thoughtfulness in their studies with a developed sense of what is possible. The year9 group should be a group where pupils mature rapidly to understand their potential in the world and be equipped to succeed.

The upper seniors should be a group that capitalises on all the good work that has happened and be prepared to succeed in their external assessments. They should be directed in their choices so they are able to aspire to do well and pursue their hopes in life.

If you are interested please contact me at before the end of October.

M Emlyn Humphries

Head Teacher

June 2014

Candidates will need to demonstrate a commitment to the ethos and values of the school and subscribe to its curriculum foundations: principles, purposes and standards.

The Christian School (Takeley) is an equal opportunities employer committed to the Safeguarding of children.