The juniors have enjoyed a poetry workshop led by the poet-in-residence at St. Alban’s Cathedral, Dan Simpson.
They wrote their own poems with him, with some most effective results. Maya (year 4) has personified the cathedral in her beautiful poem.

Hello! I am St.Albans Cathedral

My outfit is a long glistening  cloak  a bit like a church.
I got it a long time ago and it is VERY rare .
The food I eat is very posh.
It is a nice cup of tea as hot as the sun and as warm as fresh scones straight from the oven.
My favourite music is wedding  music.
The sharp strings of the violin are like sharp pencils .
I like to  teach people about myself and show people how they made me and then at night
           no one comes and it’s just me dreaming about the next day.
The next day I teach  people more and then when I’m done,
I go off to sleep with the violin soaring wedding music.

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