We started our journey from Bishop’s Stortford station to the Science Museum.  Once we had arrived at South Kensington we took a stroll through the tunnel and went out to the front of the Natural History Museum where we had 2 minutes silence at 11:00 for Remembrance Day. This was very special as we all stood together in silence whilst the busyness of London surrounded us.
We headed into the Science Museum where we attended the ‘Our Future Planet’ exhibition.  This was especially important to the Year 9 students who were with us as they are busy studying this section of the Geography curriculum.
We ate lunch at the Natural History Museum and after our customary Hot Chocolate, made our way across London to Doughty Street to the Charles Dickens Museum.
Year 7 & 8 had studied Oliver Twist and Year 9, A Christmas Carol.  The museum was laid out as if for Christmas with posters and interactive tasks throughout.  There was an Oliver Twist exhibition which the children found delight in as they recalled scenes from the novel.
‘It is the fate of all authors or chroniclers to create imaginary friends, and lose them in the course of art.’
 Charles Dickens
A wonderful time was had by all and we look forward to taking the students into London in the not too distant future.