The Junior Poetry Inspiration Trip was a great success. The weather was fair, the riverside walk, bubbling stream and golden rape field were exhilarating and the children were inspired.

 The magical garden 


I walk into the magical garden of nature, and I can see 

twittering birds whilst I walk further on,

overgrown trees whilst I can feel the air flowing past me,  

small buds protecting  their  homes,

millions of tall grasses 

waving side to side as far as the eye can see,

1 million tiny petals, 

a bird of prey silently flying above me.   


 The Morning garden

The glistening sun beaming with pride,

The yellow sea waving side to side,

Huge trees in the wind creaking slowly,

Travelling through overgrown paths,

The birds making indescribable songs,

Windy leaves uncovering beautiful flowers,

The trees are wearing ivy for warmth,

The amazing flowers with their gleaming colours,

The grass swerving side to side,

The trees protecting the river with honour,

The clouds making extraordinary shapes,

The blue ropes on the swing are stiff,

The feathers of birds plundering down,

Flowers reaching for a hug,

Blue bells coming to say hi,

The tabby stalking a mouse,

Ants in the logs of webs,

The tree house gave me a penetrating stare at me wanting to be played with.