Teaching Standards

Teaching Standards

The teaching in the school shall;

  • enable pupils to acquire new knowledge, increase understanding and develop their skills in the subjects taught;
  • encourage pupils to apply intellectual, physical or creative effort, to show interest in their work, and to think and learn for themselves.

Teachers shall;

  • ensure that lessons are well planned, effective teaching methods and suitable activities are used and class time is managed wisely;
  • show a good understanding of the prior attainments, aptitudes and needs of the pupils and that the lessons are planned accordingly;
  • demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject matter being taught;
  • utilise classroom resources of an adequate quality, quantity and range effectively;
  • encourage pupils to behave responsibly.

The school and the teachers shall

  • ensure a framework is in place to assess pupils’ work regularly and thoroughly and use information from such assessment to plan teaching so that pupils can progress.

An annual written report of the progress of each registered child and the child’s attainment in the main subject areas taught will be provided by the school.

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Teaching Standards