Classroom Code


Classroom Code

  1. Arrive promptly and take out your equipment and homework diaries straight away.
  2. Show respect for other pupils and their property
  3. Speak politely and respectfully to the teacher.
  4. Listen to each other and your teachers. When other pupils are speaking wait for them to finish before taking a turn to talk.
  5. Follow your teacher’s instructions. If you are confused then put up your hand and ask.
  6. Making unhelpful comments about the work that you are being asked to do is discouraging for everyone – be positive or keep quiet!
  7. Don’t be discouraged if the work is difficult. Having a go and persevering are qualities to value.
  8. If an adult walks into the classroom stop any discussions until you are told what to do. Remember if it is a guest it is good to acknowledge them in a courteous and friendly way. Adults should be allowed to pass through doorways first.
  9. On encountering staff and other pupils for the first time during the day it is courteous to greet them. Even a smile is courteous if it is a person you don’t know. Don’t forget to thank guests who have helped or allowed you to go through the door first.


  1. Use a blue or black ink pen, underline headings with a ruler and draw diagrams in pencil.
  2. Present the work appropriately – comments or doodles are not appropriate.
  3. Only decorate the covers of your class books when you are given specific permission to do so.
  4. Look after your books – cover your textbooks and keep them in bags or classrooms, not the cloakrooms.


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