On 11th November Upper Senior Art students took a train from Bishop’s Stortford to Liverpool Street and then on to Westminster. As they walked past Westminster Abbey, they stopped on the street to observe the 11am two-minute silence for Remembrance Day. It was a moving moment, surrounded by buses and taxis which had pulled over, police officers and members of the public, all stopped and were silent. London seemed to stand still.

Arriving at the Tate Britain we observed the beautiful architecture of the space we were in.

The first artwork we experienced was the Tate Britain Commission by Heather Phillipson: ‘Rupture No 1: Blowtorching the Bitten Peach’ which was an immersive installation designed to make the gallery appear alive and which explored `charged ecosystems, maladaptive seasons and unearthed lifeforms’.

It was a dramatic introduction to art galleries for those who had not experienced a gallery before!






We also observed more traditional fine art and looked carefully at the Artist’s painting techniques and compositions.






We then travelled down the river on a Thames Clippers catamaran. Seeing some of the iconic London sights from the river was a wonderful experience for the GCSE Art students.

Upon arriving at the Tate Modern, we were greeted by the Hyundai commission ‘In Love With the World’ by Anicka Yi; a spectacular installation in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall with large, mechanical ‘sea creatures’ which appeared to be swimming overhead as if underwater. It was mesmerising.

We were able to look at modern art from a huge variety of Artists, making the students think about the power of art and how it can be used to portray messages about almost anything; making audiences ask questions about the past, present and the future.

The GCSE Art students were able to enjoy a day of remarkable Art and Architecture, not only in the galleries, but also from the river, whilst walking through London. Overall, it was a great day out for all.