Junior reporters, Rhianna, Joshua and Millie, report on the Junior play performed at the school this Christmas.

Rhianna writes that a production of ‘Out of the Blue’ was held at The Christian School Takeley on Tuesday 13th December 2011. The play was performed by the Junior class.

The production was based, in part, on the amazing creatures and habitats of the ocean. This was inspired by a lovely project they had been doing on the same subject.


Joshua comments that the ocean mime section of the play was really good, everyone was spot on and perfectly timed.

The main message was put across well and in a stylish way. The message was ‘For God so loved the world’ John 3:16.

Millie writes that there were lots of refreshments after the play including; Oyster biscuits, sea-life sandwiches, Jelly and much more.

After the play there was a raffle and a bookmark stall with lots of beautifully decorated handmade bookmarks with specially picked bible verses.

Over £112 was raised. A fair amount of this money will be sent to a charity in South Africa, Kwa Nomusa (A place of Care), to help give other children the opportunity to read and write.

Joshua reports that Rob Burles, Minister of Holy Trinity, Takeley, came to the play and I quote, ‘…enjoyed it, especially the Jonah play.’