Lunch Boxes

LUNCH BOXES and HOT MEALS in school.

We are keen to promote healthy eating in school.

We hope you will keep to the following guidelines so that we can set a good standard throughout the school and support those families who are particularly keen to maintain good habits with their children.

Research points to the fact that eating a well balanced and nutritious lunch (and breakfast) helps learning and behaviour.


Breaktime Lunchtime: example
One or more of the following:


Dried fruit

Savoury biscuits

Sandwiches, savoury pastry, soup or equivalent savoury item


Fruit / salad vegetables




Pudding item such as cake, but NOT sweets or chocolate confectionary. (Just one sweet item, please)


Lunch should come into school in a NAMED lunch box please, otherwise they are very difficult to identify and we do not have space to store unclaimed boxes. Please no plastic bags as these tend to get left unnoticed in cloakrooms, still containing unfinished items which then go mouldy.If lunch boxes are not named we often find it hard to identify their owners and we do not have the space to store them, so please be aware that unnamed lunch boxes are sent in at your own risk!

Water is provided. Pupils may wish to bring in a drink of their own but please make sure the bottle is NAMED. No fizzy drinks please.


There is a microwave oven available at the school and this may be used by seniors to heat up food as long as we have your permission that they may do so. Please be aware that they are not supervised and so you need to be happy that your child can use the microwave safely and understands the need to heat food right through. Please complete a Lunch Permission Form if you are happy for your senior child to use the microwave and the kettle to heat or re-hydrate foods in school. If you do not receive a copy of this permission form within a few days of your child starting school, please ask reception staff for a copy.

PLEASE NOTE. Due to the fact that we have children in school with severe nut allergies, we ask that you do not send in any foods which contain nuts. Thank you.