The Junior School

Children learn together from a rich curriculum

In the Junior school, the pupils are divided into two classes – Lower Juniors (Years 3 and 4 and occasionally Year 2) and Upper Juniors (years 5 and 6) – each with their own class teacher. There is some mixing of the two groups for certain subjects and both groups benefit from subject specialist teachers for some of their lessons. The Junior School is contained within its own building which is a bright and airy space consisting of a large open classroom and a mezzanine level.

The primary children learn together from a rich curriculum that includes:

English, maths, project and science, music, art, horticulture, French, Spanish, PE, and PSHEE are also taught. We take the children swimming each week at a local pool. Every child has the option to learn to play the recorder and as they get older the ukulele as part of the primary school curriculum. We encourage all our pupils to love music and take private lessons in other instruments if they can. We currently offer private lessons for those who are interested in learning piano.

The Juniors care for a vegetable patch and love to be able to cook the food they produce. Respect for the natural environment is also fostered by a regular afternoon walk, during which the children monitor the seasonal changes in the countryside, sketching and making notes.

Pupils are encouraged through praise, appreciation of effort and active reflection on attitudes and behaviours. They receive commendations in recognition of outstanding work or behaviour in our Friday whole school family assembly. Individual needs are quickly recognised, and strategies put into place. The students are actively encouraged to show kindness to each other, sensitivity to other people’s needs; respect for other opinions and possessions; and to listen while others speak.

We want parents to take a close interest in the work their children are doing. There is easy access to speak with the teachers on any day. We also encourage parents to be involved in school life and there are many opportunities for this.

Our Junior pupils benefit from sharing school life with the Senior School pupils and we find that they grow in confidence and social communication skills through this.

Sports Education

We make use of local sports areas to allow us to include a variety of sports and athletics across the age range. Pupils are taught by a PE specialist who joins us on two days a week.



Most years we run a residential trip for Y6 – Y9 pupils where they have the opportunity to try a range of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, team building tasks and canoeing.

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