Trust Objectives and Aims of the School

The Christian School (Takeley) offers an education where everyone is valued and able to grow in the love of Christ enabling children and young people to become confident, creative, caring and responsible members of their communities.

The Christian School (Takeley) is a charitable trust. The Trust is the body that is responsible for the financial and legal administration of the school. Families and the wider community are invited to become members of the Trust but it is not automatic upon joining the school as a member of staff or as a parent or family member.

Governing Body, Structure and responsibilities.

Trust Objectives

The advancement of the Christian religion and the advancement of education by such means as the Trustees shall consider necessary.

Aims of the school

Everything that is done in the school shall be to the end that children are taught

  • To follow Christ and to live by His Spirit.
  • To develop lively, inquiring minds, the ability to reason and to apply oneself to tasks and physical skills.

The school undertakes through the courses it offers

  • To enable the pupils to acquire knowledge, concepts, skills and wisdom for adult life, employment in the world and for lifelong learning.
  • To enable the pupils to use language and number effectively.
  • To enable pupils to be independent, respectful and resilient in their learning
  • To encourage creativity and originality in pupil outcomes
  • To foster respect, tolerance and humility towards all people, recognising diversity in individuals, groups and nations.
  • To encourage understanding of the world in which we live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
  • To encourage care for the Earth and help in its flourishing

Our Perspective on the World

Children can find their place in a meaningful world, where the biblical truth of the Creation, the Fall and Redemption, shapes our understanding of ourselves and our world.