School Hours and Attendance

School attendance

The school attendance register is taken at the start of each morning at 8:45am, (the register is closed at 9:15am)  and each afternoon.

Lateness is monitored. Reasons for absence are documented and kept with the current register and entered on the School’s Information Management System; Schoolpod. All school absences are noted and logged for each pupil.


The school is in session from 8:45am promptly and pupils should aim to be in school and ready by this time. All school days finish at 3:35pm, except for pupils in the Early Years class where the school day finishes at 3pm.

For our full attendance policy, please use the link below.

School Attendance Policy

June 2020. Please see our Covid-19 response page for information about temporary changes or additions to our School Attendance policy to meet the needs of the present time.


New term starts on the 2nd of September 2020School Calendar