Promoting Good Behaviour and Work Practices

We have four areas under our ‘Promoting Good Behaviour and Work Practices’ policies.

These are: bullying, expectations, sanctions and disciplines, homework, and sanctions and discipline.

June 2020. Please see our Covid-19 response page for information about changes or additions to our behaviour policies.

Promoting Good Behaviour and Work Practices: Bullying Policy

All schools have friendship issues. We in school aim to sort these out as soon as possible through a very open environment in which pupils feel safe to approach staff about any worries they have. We take seriously even small problems and work towards reconciliation and understanding.

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PGB Bullying Policy

Promoting Good Behaviour and Work Practices: Expectations

The school community can expect the ethos and values of the school to be upheld and pupils and parents can expect the school to fulfil its stated obligations towards the education of the pupils.

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Promoting Good Behaviour and Work Practices: Homework Policy

Homework is an important aspect of the partnership between the school and home.  It enables parents to participate in what is being taught at school.  Work done at home should help consolidate students’ learning and set in place good habits and routines to carry through to the senior school. In the early stages parental involvement and encouragement is key to children’s learning.

Rationale for homework

‘Homework is an integral part of learning. Beyond the chance to practice and reinforce what you’ve learned in class, it’s also an opportunity to develop independent study and application – and character traits like perseverance.

From motivation and self-discipline to the wonder of independent learning, homework can teach children far more than the exercise set’ (Education Secretary 2018) 

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Homework and Independent Study policy

Promoting Good Behaviour and Work Practices: Sanctions and Disciplines

We expect a high standard of behaviour from our pupils. Where correction is needed this should be in proportion, avoid shaming and be constructive.

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Sanctions and Disciplines

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