School Fees 

School Policy: School Fees Policy

As an independent school, fees are our main source of income.  We keep these as low as we can without compromising the standards of teaching and administration in the school.  Our aim is to make our fee structure such that we can encourage whole families to attend.  Reductions to our normal tariff can be agreed at the discretion of the trustees on application and are subject to regular review.

Families joining the school commit to helping with basic maintenance tasks and/or cleaning three times a year.  This enables us to keep our buildings decorated and maintained without adding to our fees.  But more than this, these times of working and sharing time together is a special way of caring for our school and of getting to know each other.

Application form for pupils to download.

EYFS (Please read the guidelines on the back of the form)

Application form for EYFS pupils to download.

Current fees.

Please refer to the table of fees. The fees quoted are the annual fees.

Table of fees: Fee Structure

Nursery Fees: Nursery Fee Schedule

The new fee structure is published before the end of the summer term.

Special Educational Needs: SEN Fees Policy

Where any changes are made to school fees policy, parents will be informed.


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