The Christian School (Takeley) was founded by a group of parents and friends in 1989 to provide a Christian education, fostering Christian faith and values. Regular prayers, Bible reading and singing are an important part of the daily routine and it is intended that Christian ideas be emphasised throughout the curriculum and in the quality of relationships within the school.

There is an emphasis on each pupil achieving his or her full potential, and academic excellence is promoted. Pupils are encouraged in what is valuable in art, literature, music and science, although staff and parents are aware of the danger of uncritical acceptance of many aspects of secular culture. Our pupils are prepared for GCSE and other examinations, which we hope they will take in their stride. Some members of staff are paid for their work; many more are volunteers. Likewise, the school building was renovated, and continues to be maintained, by volunteers.

Head Teacher: M Emlyn Humphries (head @

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