Occasional Visitors and Visiting Speakers’ Policy

Visitors are welcome to The Christian School Takeley. They make a contribution to the life and work of the school in many different ways. The learning opportunities and experience they bring are encouraged and appreciated. It is the school’s responsibility, however, to ensure that the security and welfare of its pupils is not compromised at any time. The school is equally responsible to the whole school community for ensuring that visitors comply with the guidelines.

It is our aim to safeguard all children under this school’s responsibility both during school time and in extra-curricular activities which are arranged by the school so that the pupils of The Christian School Takeley can learn and enjoy extra-curricular experiences, in an environment where they are safe from harm.

The school is deemed to have control and responsibility for its pupils anywhere on the school site, during normal school hours, during after school activities and on school organised (and supervised) off-site activities.

The policy applies to:

  • All external visitors entering the school site during the school day or after school activities (including peripatetic tutors, sport coaches, and topic related visitors e.g. business people, authors, artists etc.)
  • Education personnel (Local Authority staff, Inspectors)
  • Building and Maintenance Contractors
  • Any other occasional visitors

Download: Occasional Visitors and Visiting Speaker Policy