“Fieldwork is an essential ingredient of geography because it provides a ‘real-world’ opportunity for students to develop and extend their geographical thinking; it adds value to classroom experiences” (Geographical Association www.geography.org.uk)

With this in mind, we were delighted to be able to take year 9 and 10 geography students on an urban fieldwork enquiry once again. Our aim was to see for ourselves the process of urban regeneration from an area still undergoing development (Canning Town), through an area that has experienced regeneration on a vast scale (Stratford) to an area that champions urban sustainability (East Village.)
The students gathered primary data including photos, pedestrian counts, land-use maps and environmental quality surveys at the three locations. They will use this data to write up their own enquiries during the final half term.
Soggy survey sheets and biting winds are never too far from a geography field trip and the students coped admirably with the less favourable conditions in the morning! Thankfully things improved and by the time we reached the former Olympic Village (now known as East Village) we were able to enjoy the green spaces and sustainable initiatives that have been developed in order to make this the most sustainable urban community in the UK.
The pupils can be proud of how they represented the school, working respectfully and cooperatively as people went about their daily lives. Thanks also go to Sam and Andy for giving up their day to help.