Khai came 20th out of 333 yesterday at the English Schools’ Cross Country Championships in Derby.

It was a great course but extremely muddy, not Khai’s best conditions! She hasn’t made the GB team this time but looks forward to another opportunity in the same age group next year. She was in 4th/5th place early on, but the muddy conditions proved to be too tough and she was not able to stay upright!!

photoKhai says, the girl who was second, she has beaten in the past, so she is hopeful, “She’s tall and trains six times a week and does weights. I still think I can beat her next time.” Khai didn’t like the downhill part of the course which was at the end and the mud made it even more difficult.
The Essex Team came had the first 8 through and Khai was the first to finish for Essex.

Obviously it is nice to win but Khai feels she did her best and looks forward to next year.